It’s all about you.

Mercer Culinary is obsessed with the foodservice industry. Everything we do is centered around how it affects culinary professionals. Our job is to make your job more enjoyable, easier, and more efficient.

Our collective decades of experience behind the line allows us to engage with you, listen to your issues, and come up with innovative solutions which tackle the problems of today’s foodservice operations. These collaborations have resulted in the ever-expanding product offering you will find in the following pages. So many of these products have a story – the result of your feedback, issues, and challenges.

We love this industry. There is nothing like it and we cherish the relationships built over decades. Thank you for being our partner and allowing us to grow together.

Mercer brings the same exceptional craftsmanship and performance to the bar that culinary professionals have been relying on for more than three decades with Barfly® Mixology Gear. Our complete line of barware essentials and accessories, developed from the ground up to serve the booming craft cocktail movement, provides pros and home enthusiasts with the tools needed to help achieve masterful results in every glass. Browse our full line of mixology gear at

At Mercer Culinary, we are purpose-driven, working not only to design superior products for safer, healthier kitchens but to foster healthier neighborhoods. Our fundraising and volunteering initiatives are focused on building stronger communities and we will continue to build on our legacy of giving back to society. By fostering collaboration, empathy, and empowerment, we aim to create lasting positive change in the areas we serve. Together, we can create stronger, more vibrant communities for everyone to thrive in.