It’s finally grilling season and we have the tools that will not only make the cut, but will do flips for you.

Perfect for cutting and trimming meat, this knife provides smooth, clean cuts after each and every use. An essential tool for meat cooked to perfection.

Hell's Handle®

Whether you need them for flipping burgers or turning steaks, these reliable heavy-duty turners are a must.

Slice of Life
Profiles of Culinarians and Newsmakers.
Chef Mark DeNittis
From Kitchen to Classroom to Boardroom
Chef Mark DeNittis has taken some twists and turns in his career, but his passion for the culinary arts has remained unchanged ever since he was a little boy serving as sous chef in his grandmother’s kitchen nearly 40 years ago.
Coming Soon: Culinary Creations
A new online collection of recipes, culinary inspirations and trends from tastemakers around the globe. Watch for more details coming your way on how to participate.